About CoMSEL

About CoMSEL

Come visit our newly renovated laboratory on the third floor of Nieuwland Science Hall.

CoMSEL 2.0

In September 2019, we moved to a newly renovated space on the third floor of Nieuwland Science Hall.


CoMSEL Council

Interested in joining CoMSEL?

Every year, we welcome 3 to 5 postdoctoral scholars and 10 to 15 PhD students to CoMSEL. Prospective PhD students interested in working with Profs. Colón, Dowling, Maginn, Schneider, or Whitmer should apply to the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate progam. Likewise, students interested in working with Profs. Chen, Corcelli, Gezelter, or Schneider should apply to the Chemistry and Biochemistry graduate program. Prospective postdoctoral scholars should contact each PI directly to inquire about current openings.

Contact Us

Trouble with this website? Please email webmaster@comsel.org.

Website hosting: https://github.com/comsel-nd/comsel-nd.github.io

Email List

Once you join CoMSEL, ask your PI or labmates to add you to the Computational Molecular Sciences Super-Group Google group.

Shared Calendars

After you are added to the CoMSEL Google Group, you should be able to reserve:

Large CoMSEL Conference Room, 364 NSH

Small CoMSEL Conference Room, 363 NSH

Medium CoMSEL Conference Room, 362 NSH